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"ZAO SKYRUN 2023" Event Poster

"ZAO SKYRUN 2023" Event Poster

We have had the pleasure of creating the event poster for the "ZAO SKYRUN," an event organized by the Japan Skyrunning Association, which is celebrating its third run in Zao Town, Yamagata Prefecture this year.

This event is the largest skyrunning (fast mountaineering) competition in the Tohoku region, with participants racing up to the peak of Mount Zao, one of Japan's 100 famous mountains. In March, the SKYSNOW, a snow running event, will be held at Kaminoyama City and Zao Boudaira. The MAIN EVENT in September is a two-day event featuring vertical races and sky races, held at Yamagata City and Zao Onsen. *Source:

Not only did we get the opportunity to shoot the event as the official photographers each year, but we were also entrusted with managing the event's sound system, which played a key role in boosting the atmosphere on-site.

Skyrunning was defined by Italian mountaineer Marino Giacometti in 1992 and has grown to have over 65,000 participants worldwide. In Japan, it became popular after the international event in 2006, leading to the establishment of the Japan Skyrunning Association in 2013. Currently, various competitions are held across the country.

At first, we were unsure about "Skyrunning?" But through our experiences in shooting and handling the venue's sound system, we became deeply impressed by its overwhelming power and charm, and became ardent fans. Event site: ●2022 Event Photo

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