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Rader / Online Store Website

Rader / Online Store Website

We developed an online shop website for "rader," a well-established German lifestyle goods brand distributed by Nankai Trading Co., Ltd. Using the BASE platform, we focused on cost-effectiveness and minimizing internal management burdens. To maintain the brand image, we customized a high-quality template to create an original design.

The online shop website utilizes various features to actively implement sales strategies. By incorporating functionalities such as sales promotions, we highlight the attractiveness of the products and provide an easy-to-use navigation system to enhance customers' purchasing motivation.

Moreover, we implemented various measures to maximize sales. The website includes features for easy implementation of campaigns and promotions, as well as targeted advertising based on customer data analysis.

This online shop website contributes to maintaining the brand image while expanding sales strategies and increasing revenue. Leveraging the user-friendly interface and functional capabilities of the BASE platform, it reduces internal management burdens and enables efficient operations.


Client: Nankai Trading Co., Ltd.

Project: Website

Responsibilities: Design, direction, content creation, translation, site design, CMS development

Rader / Online Store Website

Rader / Online Store Website


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