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Wix provides a robust platform for cross-border e-commerce with a range of features and possibilitie


The official e-commerce website for "63 ROKUSAN," created by our studio, has been featured on Wix's official website as one of the "14 Inspiring Examples of Stylish E-commerce Website Design." This serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Wix's online shopping features, as the website has also yielded consistent profits.

According to Wix's definition of a "good online store," it should have a stylish design that creates a strong brand image while also being user-friendly. When creating an ideal online store, it is essential to focus on three key points: "unique and stylish design that creates a powerful brand image," "well-crafted content that builds trust," and "providing a great user experience that supports customer purchasing behavior."

While there are numerous platforms available for building an e-commerce website, we thoroughly compared features such as cross-border commerce capabilities, transaction fees, operational burdens, and the potential for custom design. Based on this comprehensive analysis, we determined that Wix is the most suitable platform to meet our client's needs and made the recommendation accordingly.


Wix's e-commerce functionality is regularly updated, and while it may be considered less comprehensive compared to some competitors, the case of "63 ROKUSAN" demonstrates that Wix can be an effective choice.

63 ROKUSAN Coffee Grinder

The website for "63 ROKUSAN," which sells environmentally friendly and stylish goods, showcases a fullscreen slider with beautiful photos that captivate visitors and create anticipation for the shop. Just below the first view, news articles are featured, allowing users to quickly see newly arrived items and popular products.

The minimalistic design, unified in white, black, and beige, perfectly complements the natural ambiance of a lifestyle shop. From kitchenware and slippers to outdoor gear, the website offers a refined selection of items.

One remarkable aspect of this site is the detailed product pages available before proceeding to the purchase screen. For example, the page for a coffee grinder includes stunning photographs and thorough descriptions that could stand alone as a landing page. Customers can visualize and carefully consider the product before making a purchase, enhancing their shopping experience.

If you have concerns about design, operation, or cost-effectiveness, please feel free to consult our studio. We will provide tailored solutions that best meet your needs.



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