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ZAO SKYRUN 2022 / Event Photo Website


We have created a photo gallery website for the "ZAO SKYRUN," which is organized by the Japan Skyrunning Association and held for the third time this year in Zao, Yamagata Prefecture.

In addition to capturing the event as the official photographer, we also took charge of the event's sound engineering to control the atmosphere at the venue according to the desired ambience.

Skyrunning was defined by Italian mountaineer Marino Giacometti in 1992 and now has over 65,000 participants worldwide. It was introduced in Japan from the international competition in 2006, and the Japan Skyrunning Association was established in 2013. Since then, various competitions have been held nationwide.

Although we initially didn't grasp the concept of "Skyrunning," through the experience of photography, we were deeply impressed by its overwhelming power and allure, becoming avid fans ourselves. We would like to continue supporting and conveying the charm of Skyrunning behind the scenes in the future.

Please note that the translation provided is a general interpretation and may not capture all the nuances of the original text.


Client: Japan Skyrunning Association

Project: Gallery Website

Responsibilities: Photography, Sound Engineering, CMS Development


We primarily focus on activities in the Kanto and Chubu regions of Japan, but we are also available for photography assignments in any location, both domestically and internationally. We have a unique perspective in capturing various moments and strive to meet the expectations of event organizers and participants. (Starting from ¥100,000 per day)

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