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Miyoko Uchida / Artist Portfolio Website

Miyoko Uchida / Artist Portfolio  Official Website
Miyoko Uchida / Artist Portfolio Official Website

We have fully revamped the official portfolio website for the artist Miyoko Uchida, with the aim of spreading the charm of her work both domestically and internationally. This site faithfully reproduces her diverse range of paintings in great detail, displaying them in a visually beautiful and easy-to-view layout. By supporting three languages—Japanese, English, and French—we have realized a multilingual site that is easily accessible to international curators and art gallery associates.

The design of the site has been meticulously crafted in a sophisticated, minimalist style to ensure that Miyoko's works are the focal point.Furthermore, we have eliminated unnecessary elements as much as possible so that users can focus on the artworks.

Particularly noteworthy is the site's contact form, which is prominently placed to facilitate connections with gallery owners and art enthusiasts. This allows interested visitors to easily get in touch, contributing to the expansion of her influence and reach in the art world.

The site adopts a mobile-first approach, optimizing it for access from smartphones and tablets. This allows viewers to enjoy the artist's work easily from anywhere.

This renewal is a step towards bringing Miyoko's art to people around the world, reflecting her talent and passion in the website.


  • Client: Miyoko Uchida

  • Production: Website

  • Responsibilities: Design, Photography, Direction, Site Architecture, CMS Development, Translation

  • URL:


Miyoko Uchida / Artist Portfolio Website
Miyoko Uchida / Artist Portfolio Website



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