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Kamo Kensetsu Co., Ltd. / Special Site for Virtual Property Viewing

加茂建設 / 内覧会Special site

Virtual Open House Special Site for Safe Property Viewing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We designed a user-friendly layout that allows visitors to experience property viewing without the need to physically visit the location. All the necessary materials were captured through photography, ensuring that the unique selling points of the building are effectively showcased. Detailed and compelling content was carefully crafted to convey the essence of the property. The site was built to provide a seamless virtual viewing experience accessible through personal computers and smartphones.


Client: Kamo Kensetsu Co., Ltd.

Project: Website and Flyer

Responsibilities: Design, direction, content creation, photography, site planning, CMS development

加茂建設 / 内覧会Special site

加茂建設 / 内覧会Special site


Studio Brick Lane
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