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南海通信/ Note

南海通信/ Note

We proposed the platform "Note" to Nankai Trading Co., Ltd. to effectively showcase and distribute their range of products and various information. With Note, we can maximize the appeal of Nankai Trading by accurately disseminating product information, news, trends, and more to a wide audience, beyond the confines of their own website (such as blogs).

We oversaw the entire process from site launch to customization. We customized the design and layout to create a website that aligns with Nankai Trading's brand image. We also focused on organizing information and implementing planned distribution in collaboration with platforms like Twitter and Instagram, allowing users to easily access the information they need.

Furthermore, we leveraged the user-friendly editing and management features of Note to streamline internal information sharing and team communication. This enables internal stakeholders to disseminate information quickly and effectively, creating an environment that generates business opportunities.


Client: Nankai Trading Co., Ltd.

Project: Note Account Creation and Customization

Responsibilities: Design, Direction, Content Creation

南海通信/ Note

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